Friday, 5 September 2014

Day 1 - Recci Day!


After a very long 30 hours of travelling, we finally arrived at Maili Saba Lodge at 1am this morning local time. It wasn't until the morning when we were greeted with the view from the front door to the safari lodge.

The view from the office! Menengai caldera looking south west.

Today was a recci day. We spent most of the day driving around the caldera identifying the locations of the youngest basalts for sampling, as well as locating the ring fault and associated radiating fractures that are a likely candidates as conduits for some surface emanations. A visit to Menengai Well 09 (MW-09) was made and a slot for tomorrow has been arranged with Edward who is a driller on (MW-09) to talk engineering. The work really begins then!

A brief visit was also made to a very noisy MW-10 which has been venting all day, a pleasant smell of sulphur down wind!

Arriving back at the accommodation, we were greeted by the squabbling neighbours.

The hard work begins tomorrow with rough terrain walking for about a kilometre to sample the basalts and identify the locations for surface emanation sampling (visit 2). From our accommodation we can clearly see part of the ring fault and today observed surface emanation activity at multiple locations along the fault. The afternoon will be spent at MW-09. 

Keep watching!!!!!

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