Friday, 3 October 2014

What next????

Well I am back in a chilly Scotland!

Now it is time to sieve through the data, maps and samples. Start putting together some ideas as to what is going on at Menengai on geological terms.

The rock samples are currently in Nairobi. Still? I hear you say. Why? I hear you ask. Well to export rock samples a permit is needed and before that a research permit is also needed. And despite advance applications I am still waiting. The Kenyans are just the most friendly people ever, but there is no sense of urgency. We westerners rush around like headless chickens. The Kenyans? Well things get done when they get done. Thats just their chilled out approach to just about everything.

So what else? Well there are school visits planned and seminars to do. As well as digitise maps and write reports. And of course start to plan the next field season.

Keep following this blog for updates on results, information posts and plans for the next trip!

Lala Salama from Scotland this time!!!

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